Wooo Halloween Episode

How can it already be howloween?
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2 Replies to “Wooo Halloween Episode”

  1. HugDoggy

    That was a cool adventure game, and it’s true coming out to people works way better when your not being weird or creepy about the subject, so it was good to see Eggshell pointing that little fact out as you played. Most people in the real world don’t have strong feelings against zoo, so approaching how you remove the mask carefully and not to in your face with full on detail is always going to be the way to go.

    Now Is Akito trying to make Brass follow her around the world? Just as the Bull dog is getting ready to go off to Germany now Akito is slipping from his metallic paws and heading off to Amsterdam. Where will it end, and will Brass eventually paint himself Blue to get Aki’s attention. So he can catch up before she moves on again.

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