The MILKIEST episode

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One Reply to “The MILKIEST episode”

  1. HugDoggy

    Kangaroos… I’ll just say this, do you know how much it would hurt to have things the right way up when your bouncing up and down like that, even just hitting the tail which is solid muscle would be OUCH! So nature has her reasons for building them that way around, they are also sucked up against the body when in motion including during the “motion of the ocean. 😉 ” So no they don’t get in the way when it matters, no matter what a boomer is getting up to.

    I was going to complement Brass on finding a way to get out of mentioning the socials, but breaking his microphone seemed a bit extreme or did the robo dog turn gangster and just drop the mike (job done) and wander off to do something robo dog related. What do robot dogs do anyway? Bury a tasty sim card for later or pee on power poles, woof at the SMPT email server?

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