The French/Italian/Russian Accent

I am sorry for being weird this episode xD

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3 Replies to “The French/Italian/Russian Accent”

  1. HugDoggy

    Um “Foxes are just a different kind of dog.” ? Well… Not exactly, here’s how I described it to a Fox lover on ZC.

    So there are many layers of scientific wording when describing an animal, if you go up the tree far enough dogs and foxes are part of the same family (the

    Canidea (Canid) faimly). But as we come down the branches of the biological tree foxes separate out into their own “Genus” which is Vulpes and because they are on a separate branch of the tree and don’t have any one else on their branch their species is also Vulpes (Vulpine)

    So Wolves, Domestic dogs, Dingo, Coyotes, Jackals, African Wild dogs and foxes, are all canids. There are a good number of others as well but these are the most common around these days. Apart from African Wild dogs and Foxes the rest that are listed can interbred to make hybrids. and they come under the Genus “Canis”. 

    So Genus Vulpes (foxes) have a different number of Chromosomes to Genus Canis so sadly there will never be any Fox cross (Wolf/Dingo/Dog/Jackals) puppies. If only super cuteness was enough to make such puppies possible though. Wink

    So this is where it gets a bit trickier and where your confusion may have come from if you just google canines, as Caninae (canines) are actually a subfamily group of canids that share similar traits like: long muzzles (compared to a human) scent driven, hairy tails around an extension of their spine, knotted penises etc. so under this strict definition as a subfamily of canids foxes would be included, because foxes are canids. However in common use “canine” refers specifically to Canis lupus familiaris (or Dogs if you prefer Wink )

    • Akito

      Thank you for the comment and thanks for explaining it! Now I know that they definitely aren’t a type of dog ;P

      Though I wasn’t being very serious at that moment.

      Have a good day!

      • HugDoggy

        Fair enough Akito, sometimes your seriosity factor can be hard to determine when talking to brass, given how much you love trying to confuse the shiny robo dog.

        Although as a fox, it is sad you won’t be able to have any half metallic puppies with the bulldog, to pass the podcast on to the next generation one day.

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