The FNAF movie

I didn’t like it but still watched it 3 times…
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3 Replies to “The FNAF movie”

  1. HugDoggy

    Good grief I have to pause the episode and comment to avoid yelling at my computer! Brass your missing the main difference. Soup has a higher fluid content it is runnier, Stew is thicker less watery, they can both contain similar ingredients depending on the type of soup. But the difference when eating is like night and day they can’t be confused unless your a really bad cook.

    Aki if you ever come to visit I will give you a hearty stew packed with all the good things you will need to get all the energy for a days work. On the farm Beef stew is a big part of my diet.

    As for Vegemite I like it way more than marmite or promite, but I guess I would say that given where I live. Now back to the pod cast to see what madness is yet in store.

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