One year anniversary! Featuring Milk AND Tarro

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4 Replies to “One year anniversary! Featuring Milk AND Tarro”

  1. Carpathian Shepherd

    Biking’s cool! It’s the perfect time to zone-out and just let your mind wander while you’re just grinding away on the cranks. You also get to pass through many rural areas and see a lot of horses too 😀
    I’ve been meaning to get a zooey sticker to put on my road bike or a maybe cycling jersey with that flag design, but I’m too paranoid that someone would recognize it and either dox me or try to run me over (more than it already happens) :p

  2. HugDoggy

    Wow 2 hours long, that must be a record. Well done for your 1 year anniversary show.

    Is there a transcript of what I was saying in the story, I couldn’t quite get all of the words with Brass’s strong South African accent for me. ;p

    I was a bit sad Maria’s border collie wasn’t also cryo frozen with her to live in the future too.

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