Most embarrassing Brass moment

Bluey is really good ok
I hope you’ll enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!

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3 Replies to “Most embarrassing Brass moment”

  1. HugDoggy

    Imagine being Australian? Ok Done! Now give me something hard to do.

    Wagga Wagga translates to English as place of many crows. But if you ask the local tourist agency it’s because the place is so good they named it twice.

    Brass it’s pronounced “Eem-you” not “E-moo” our cows don’t have feathers, which is a good thing; as if they flew we would need better umbrellas to guard against gifts from the heavens.

  2. Blazingbunn

    i love the podcast! been listening for around a week or two and its really helped me get through things so just wanted to say i love what you guys do and to keep doing it.

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