I miss EF :(

Now I need to wait a year for the next EF?? Come on!
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2 Replies to “I miss EF :(”

  1. HugDoggy

    I’ve heard that anecdote archive story somewhere before, quite recently in fact. But it was still interesting with the amount of mishaps Brass managed to squeeze into a single journey, I mean sure I enjoyed the original more, but the remake did bring more info to light; such as the 20 billion blue flashing lights from every emergency vehicle in France attending the crash on the high way. And the revelation that some airport workers in Germany have zipper handle fetishes and take home the precious after each shift.

    But then all that adventure was overshadowed by the purchase of a water melon: a story of a girl and her fruit, their chance meeting at the store leading to the smitten young lady taking a chance on the large juice filled orb. So different in appearance to herself, but being a zoo she was able to see past the differences between them, and took them home for dinner and to see where things might go from there. The idea was tantalizing to her, of slipping that delicious pinkness into her mouth while extracting her chosen one’s seeds as she ate from the most intimate of melon places. Knowing without doubt she would leave them a mere shell as they basked in the afterglow of their destiny together. Ah what a story so elegant in it simplicity… :p

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