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  1. HugDoggy

    I don’t know how I’m going to break it to the people living in the Australian capital Territory that by bot declaration they don’t have a major city to call their own.

    Canberra was built to avoid a war between Melbourne and Sydney who both claimed they should be the nations capital after federation. Both Cities had good cases for becoming the capital, so a compromise was reached where neither of them got to be capital, because they were acting like spoiled children, and they just slapped it in the middle. But brass forget all that political stuff, this is your town where there are lots museums and historical stuff as well as the nation zoo and aquarium is located if by chance you have any interest in animals. Just don’t rent a car their whoever designed the road network modeled it on those crazy maze games where you need to roll a ball bearing around to get it from the inside to the outside of the maze. to go anywhere in this city you have to drive kilometers to go one block sideways. It has been said that it was done that way to try and trap the politicians there, so they didn’t escape and breed with the general population. But then someone went and invented aircraft and the road network maze was all for nothing.

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