Brass‘ secrets finally revealed (featuring Tarro :D)

Zoo Community Star and Celebrity, Brass Bulldog: What does he like? Does he like things?? Let’s Find Out!

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One Reply to “Brass‘ secrets finally revealed (featuring Tarro :D)”

  1. TheCatsTrill

    I found the idea of y’all harassing Brass with the F-list kink section so funny I made an account and took like an hour filling it out. You guys are too trigger happy with the Fave button, I ended up with fourteen in total. And why did Tarro pronounce Procyonid like “pro cyanide”, is there something they need to tell us about their involvement in some kind of war crime

    Tarro: “Bukkake! ……… That’s a German word!”
    Akito: “That’s. Not a German word”
    Tarro’s confidence on that was crazy, especially after that long pause.

    Tarro: “It’s finally happening, they’re fighting in a sexual manner on the podcast!” now we know why Tarro had this idea in the first place…

    I’m on Team Brass on answering No to everything in the Gore Torture Death section. Same with Unclean Themes and Play. But I’ve been convinced to change my tentative No’s towards Watersports and Urine Marking to a tentative Maybe.

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