Black Friday

Why is the outro ASMR? Who knows!
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4 Replies to “Black Friday”

  1. HugDoggy

    The whispering part at the end was amusing, could have done with more cat purring though in such a quiet moment.

    Akito that makes me mad Bluey’s fine name is being besmirched by dodgy products and price gouging. The bluey game price when converted from AU$ to Euro is 36.59€, so they were ripping you off if they charged 60€.

      • HugDoggy

        It is NOT an Australian made game the original creative team was not involved. We have a good sized game developer community here, but the BBC with their merchandising rights just when to a Spanish company presumably because they were cheaper. But both the BBC and Disney have done some questionable stuff to the franchise in the last few years.

        I personally am very mad at the BBC at the moment as Doctor Who used to be on the exchange list with the ABC. (The two companies gave the other broadcast rights for their respective TV shows, essentially giving them both bigger production budgets.) But this year the BBC sold its international distribution rights exclusively to Disney+ for Doctor Who, meaning if I want to watch it I have to get Disney+ which equates to $140 a year for 6-8 episodes. I can’t justify that in my tight budget at the moment.

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